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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Shovel verses The Gun.

     There is no doubt, so called Leaders of Nations make wars, and people who would rather carry shovels,  fight them.  A few controlling the many.  In Canada we have a Fraudulent Elected Prime Minister who just keeps shaking guns, making threats about a boogie man, like he wants a war.  The Garden Party Advice would be that All Military Forces, Put down your weapons, and Go Home , pick up a shovel, and make a Home.  All military personal, contractors, and maintenance, just walk away, and do not wait for someone else to walk away first, start being first for a change. 
     There is no doubt, that if Harper Goes any further with his Warring Ways,  The Garden Party will Go to Ottawa and Official Take Over The Government, that is if we can find an Official, would a Hockey Referee be good enough?
      Vets need our help, help them, and make no more War Vets.

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