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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Green Party

    Who voted for Elisabeth May and the Green Party?  Certainly corporations influence government and people, it is in their interest to make money.  Crying for sustainable clean energy is fine, but what does it solve.  We can keep building bigger houses to heat and cool.  Drive clean energy cars to service organized crime? Fly 10,000 planes every day in N.A. to carry Gladiators to Play Games.? Cut Forests Downs to report every detail of every game. Build Dams for energy to  Freeze Natural Gas to sell to China for their Garbage making Industries.  Frack the Country, buy toys, smoke lots of pot, or get drunk to kill the pain.
    Where are all those Green Party voters?  Do they actually believe in top down Government? Or that higher taxing of Corporations will solve anything? Pointing fingers in every direction and not growing their own food?  Passing environmental laws to fill up the courts with Green Lawyers to argue parts per million? Expecting laws to force people out of cars?
     Green Party talks about Participatory Government, another Fairy Tail.  Every member should be growing a garden, cut ting out their personal use of fossil fuels and stop buying junk. They all should quit working for organized crime and govern from the grassroots up. If they are not prepared to put their actions where their mouth and vote is, they belong in the Compost of History where the Garden Party puts all trash. In other words, " Get off your butts and start shovelling."

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