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Monday, March 3, 2014

Take Over Your Government

     The big change that is upon us now, is really about billions of little bits. If we all do a bit each day to change for the better, buy less, waste less, start a Government with yourself as Prime Minister.  Now you do have a say In Government.  you can be any minister you want, and you can decide the priority  and direction of your government.  Self Government of yourself, your house, your community. You now can decide if you want to print money, fix roads, keep armies and have elections to give away your vote.
     The Garden Party has cancelled elections and is working out of money.  Our Minister is sure that a lot that has to stop is now only serviced for the money. How many people would quit their jobs if they had to do them for free? 95% ?  Lots of people to do what needs doing.  Are we ready ? The Garden Party is off and digging, BC Feeds BC in eight years. March 21st the next World Do Nothing Day, the day a lot of bank vaults shake.

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