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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Reserve Judgement

    When you are friendly, and give something of yourself, to those not doing so well, lending your ears, might you see what you never experienced, to understand what it like to have no family.The Garden Party would like to help everyone to reach their full potential. Also for everyone to have family that is accessible.  Everybody needs somebody, that cares. Get in a line up at your local free dinners for those that need or don't, mind your own business, be friendly and honest, maybe you can offer washing dishes.  Maybe you could grow food for the kitchen, maybe you could find someone there that would like to grow food for the Kitchen, now you are building community. You Communist. Socialist. Conservative Liberal Tree Hugger growing local food and having fun, you are very nice.
    Just a reminder, the 21st of every 
Month is World Take A Brake Day.

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