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Monday, March 17, 2014

Raw Power.

     Tinsel and Glitter, and Money. Blood Lines and Entitlement. Power and Intimidation.  Royal Halls and Boardroom Balls. Abolish Money and dissolve it all. Let those who believe in nothing get what they believe in, but get it themselves.  Now we have much less to do to take care of ourselves.
     Alberta's Elected Premier is falling off her highchair and just after such a effort to get up there. .  Who next? Harper is very close to slipping off his pedestal.  Condemning Putin for pushing his way into Crimea, displacing no one,  yet calling Israel the good guys when they are displacing Palestinians.  Another Canadian Senator has just been charged for corruption, was once a close associate of the Prime Minister Harper. Corruption in High Places Everywhere.  The PR Lady of BC will be pushed off by those who now pretend to support her. There is not much room at the top, and it is so crowded that it has become top heavy with termites eating its rotten base.  
    World Self Government Day, March 21at, have a productive day.

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