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Thursday, March 6, 2014


     Yes Ukraine had a criminal leader and will likely have another one. You could say Russia has a criminal leader, as Canada's fraud Elected Criminal Leader is spouting. You could say the same for the USA, and Mexico, Italy, North Korea, British Columbia, Toronto, Wells BC. The BS we are being fed by Canada's Elected Government as if Russia is so terrible, "Look at them", "Look at them".  Look at what we are doing, more First Nations and War Vets committed suicide in Canada than died in Ukraine and Crimea in the same period of time.
       Canada is passing laws so Monsanto and friends will get Royalties forever on every body's seeds. Just like all the other patents, registered theft, this one with Harper's Blessing!  Putin Kicked Monsanto out of Russia.  So Harper kicks Russia, Blesses Monsanto, and Ignores Canadians. Some Leaders Are Dangerous when they get power, history should be remembered.  Perhaps it is time for a trip to Ottawa to kick out the Fraud. People are talking June 21st.

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