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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pipe lines

     We know that if we even just keep up consuming the same amount of resources tomorrow as we did today, we will kill ourselves.  This is our main objection to any new Pipeline. Even if there are no pipeline breaks or tanker spills for 35 years,  the process and consumption of even more than what we are using now, world wide, we are doomed.  Reduce your consumption, stand strong against every new pipeline, refinery, coal mine, open pit Gold and Copper mines.   Ground the flying gladiators, ski bums, car racing bums, golf bums, government bums, and apples from New Zealand.  Plant your own Apple, Pear, Plum and nut trees this Spring. We have about 100 one year old Grape Plants that we would like to get planted this year, come and get some or show us where we can plant them. We are also doing a experiment and attempting to grow six different grapes in Pots, expect some fruit next year. First moral mushroom should be up soon on the Gulf Islands, and South Vancouver Island.

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