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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One Dollar Houses

The Garden Party does want to get rid of taxes, but at the moment under the present System some necessary services are entwined with money and a quick drop of money might cause some unnecessary hardships.  No Need to wait for the Big Crash of our Monetary Empires, we are already in the slid, our toboggan is out of control and picking up speed. No telling what happens next, or the impact that "next" will have.
     When your Local Industry shuts down, just like Michelin Tire did in NS, or Heinz in Ont., be prepared.  Don't wait for houses to be abandoned.  Give them to Gardeners who will care for and improve the property. And this may also provide local foods at a low cost to our environment. There are lots of quick adaptions that can be done, that should be done anyway, that will improve our quality of life. We do not need Corporations, we are quite able to take care of ourselves.  No matter what person sitting on the top floor of a bank says, without the maintenance crew that person would not even get to the office.  And we quit!
     Our Minister For More Unemployment, just back from Halifax, feeling a rest is in order, declares a long holiday for all  Tired Workers starting, March 21st, World Do Nothing Day.  Good day to plan a nice Garden.

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