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Friday, March 28, 2014

New Endangered Species

   There is no question folks, we can talk about the criminals that sit in our Legislatures till the cows come home, but they are always there.  Money, money, money.  Non of them ever go to jail, and even if found out, the bill is paid from the public purse, the criminals keep the loot. There has been a long line of crooks in the BC Legislature, many are permanent civil servants paid out of the public purse but working for private interests.
     Kinder Morgan pipeline, lots going on behind the presented scenes that the public is not informed on. Even Criminals try to keep their word when they make deals.  That is why the Illegal Elected Government keep Insisting that Fish Lake is just a " muddy little pot hole", and the human race needs another massive open pit Gold Mine to get rich. Nuts. We are starting maybe 400, this year.  Agricultural Reserve is shrinking when it would be Smarter expanding.  Their unannounced plans will be known  after  changing ALR.   Site C Dam, Big Scam, Public gets the Bill,  Industry gets the Power.  Unless we stop all this growth Add Humans to the Endangered Species List.  Grow a Garden This Year, and take Care of The Garden.  You will live longer and suffer more.

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