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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Cold War?

     Are we righteous suddenly wanting to stick our noses into Crimea, certainly.  Self Government for everybody. Self Government for Ukraine, Russia, Crimea, Detroit and Vancouver Island. We know unemployment is up, even a threat of war, makes jobs, makes money for others, We also suspect some wars have been started in the past for those very reasons.
     Embargo Russia?  Putin will still eat, the military will eat, and Grow. The Russian People will be sacrificed, normal. This is contrary to Garden Party Policy.  We want military madness to chill out!  We want a Total Embargo on all Embargoes. That should slow down those storm clouds, but there are several other storms rising in Western Canada that may end up in Ottawa to clean house, and, wish everyone a Happy Birthday. Out of touch or Puppet Leaders, who are makers of war, need to be retired before somebody gets hurt. They need to Garden, good cure for a lot of diseases.

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