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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Money Guarantees

     Money is a problem just in the process of production.  The desire for money however becomes a much bigger problem.  Fins taken off sharks, tusks off Rhinos, tar sands, drug dealing, fish farms, drug patents, gold mines, nuclear plants, copper wire, lotteries, junk manufacturing, more booze outlets, are all done for one reason, making Money.  If we don't use money we immediately would stop doing all things for money.  We can still do all things without money, except there would instantly be less to do.  What needs doing, everyone takes a turn at the wheel, or digging a new Outhouse Hole.   Right Now 25% of slave jobs have to do with Numerology, with another 25% spin off jobs in supplies, providing and servicing infrastructure.  And another 25% providing distractions and Entertainment, gladiators and Grammes. The rest are in the army, at a committee meeting, or in jail.  Wow, we sure will have a lot of Gardeners when we get rid of money! 
     Garden Party budget is stable at zero dollars, debt free.  The Minister For More Unemployment Declares March 21st World Unemployment Day, enjoy the brake.

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