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Friday, March 21, 2014

Minister of Envoroment returns.

     The Minister has been in Quebec for Three Years. Said he will be back in June to pick Morel Mushrooms.  In the Minister of Sanctions absence The Garden Party passed one Enviromental Law,  Good Stewartship of Air, Water, Land, Flora, and Fauna.  Penalty for Breaking Law; Extinction! 
      Due to the present, parts per million laws, and court costs, police costs etc, not working, we are taking a different tact.  We have Deputized all Canadians to arrest Them Selves if they are breaking The Law, and Judge Themselves, and Lock Themselves up until they have been Rehabilitated.  Day Passes ( shovels) will be handed out to work in a garden, good for Rehab.  As a matter of fact we will send Pea Seed by Pass it on Mail to any prison for inmates to Grow along all those wire fences.  You can get anything in jail, but never even once, a fresh pea.

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