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Monday, March 10, 2014

Masters of illusion

Occupation Apple Tree is a invisible organization that is growing roots in a new place every day, new solid connections are being made, we all have a common goal, Survival and we are out to Make It Happen.
     We are organizing without general meetings, there are no positions (Chief, President), no office, no license or permits, no Realtors, or insurance agents, and there are no membership cards or lists.  There are Spies.  Just might track us down some day and find us pruning the apple tree in their back yard.  New projects are being stimulated and work started on a couple of new places a week. Lots to do, many hands shelling the peas will get the job done sooner.
     So far all the work done by Occupation Apple Tree has been free, all seeds, plants, and harvested food has been given away to people.  We direct our energy to make sure all kids are getting good food, and expanding our output until every body has good food. Monsanto Shareholders can eat the Toxic artificial food they make money from.  Because  we don't sell, we give where we want to, it may be hard to grasp, but we lose a bit of freedom by selling.  Our Self Government operates without money, no paid positions, no membership cards, the same as BC Feeds BC net work. One nut tree last year, 400 this year, next year 160,000?
     What is beautiful about this project many things to mention. The Invisible Revolution, Human Evolution, Grow the Garden, in your country.

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