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Friday, March 14, 2014

Junk the war ship.

     This is the Voice of the People, 52.% at least in Canada.  Convert War Ships to Emergency Response or scrape them, and get on with it, do your job, serve the people, that's your job.  The Garden Party has already fired all levels of Government in Canada, that need a pay check.  We have scraped lawyers, stock markets, tar sands oil, cite c dam, sucking northern pipeline, elections, NATO, air fresheners, borders, all Monsanto products, Canadian Gold Mining Corporations, Olympics ,Taxes and a thousands of other stupid stuff. The Garden Party knows that only a few spies have read all our Blogs, and Nobody is paying attention to them. Nobodies are doing everything. More Garden Pots Today.
     The Minister For More Unemployment reminds you that the 21st of every month is World Peace Day, No More War Day, one day at a time.

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