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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Good Ideas, or Not?

There are plenty of what look like good ideas, recycling for example. It seems like a no brainer. But actually it was a diversion from what Conservationists were bringing to Public attention, The Waste.  Suddenly by recycling, waste did not seem to  matter, even if we wasted more resources from the process of recycling.  Most recycling is public subsidized, much is dumped, waste has increased. We agree with recycling, but we want less waste.  Including all the wasteful useless jobs, about 85% would be better left undone.
There are other good ideas to fuel cars, but that will only mean that it is ok to pave the Earth, maybe a world designed that does not need cars, or at least down 85%.  Now work into the cleanest fuel. We might even call it progress. 
Good Ideas to efficiently  keep doing the same stupid things, is not progress. 
This is a message from our Minister For More Unemployment who asks "What do you have in your walmart garbage can"? And remember, March 21st is World Buy Nothing Day, save up for it. 

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