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Saturday, March 29, 2014

G. P. Dilemma

    The Garden Party was wondering, do we see a different world from what others see?  In Our World, what we see, is a disaster.  Our whole life support system is under attack.  Consumerism.  When bribes and favours, hidden agendas, cover-ups are in every government, every Military, every police debt., and every part of  Government, who needs them. Banks all laundering money, crime pays! Cover ups in all the Houses of God, and Houses of Mammon.  Cover-ups in every  charity office, and home. We teach it in Kinder garden. There will never be Peace made by Might. So, the Garden Party is simply taking control of the world it sees, full on Emergency Response.  Who needs Capitalism?  Who needs Elections?  Criminals, that's Who. And That's who are in our Governments, filling their boots. What is going on behind closed doors of the BC Legislature right now,  would make a vulture throw up.  An Informed People decide what to do and not do. Not a few coin operated politicians. After all we all seem to agree in Democracy, maybe we are out of practice.  Don't wait for Spring , Stop Buying , Grow a Garden, money is not edible.

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