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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

G-244 tar sands policy.

Shut down Priority : Tar Sands of Alberta,  likely the biggest environmental threat in the world. Actively prevent the northern pipe line that is planned to haul the dirty oil to the coast. Personal action everybody must do: drive less, buy less, avoid packageing, support local production of all products.
Shut down Priority: Monsanto, herbicides, pesticides, and GMOS. Get the Herbicides out of BC Forests, Rail Lines, Pipelines, Power Lines, Highways, Farms and Lawns. 
Stop Priority: Cite-C Dam:  Pull the plug, we have to live consuming less energy and we can, stop the waste and disrespect of our Life Support Systems. Canadians are the biggest polluters on the planet, change that this year.
First G-244 Meeting Contnues.

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