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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

G-244 Goal, sustainable planet.

Priority # One, feed our selves without further degrading our environment.
Action: Work every available space to produce local organic food, enough to take care of local needs.  
Action: Get more people to put shovels in the ground, or actively be involved in pushing the concept to reality everywhere. Time line for BC 8 years.  Right now  in Victoria, BC, we have room to expand our Gardens, and Tools waiting to get active.  In Vancouver, we have hands on tools looking for a place to work on growing food. We are starting a campaign to dig up lawns.  There are more places around the province waiting for the snow to melt.  Anyone wanting to get involved anywhere in BC, make contact, we can help start projects, and see they get done.  Occupation Apple Tree, 604 928 3663, Louis.

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