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Monday, March 10, 2014

Free Trade Deals

     Free trade deals are really a sneaky way for Corporations to exploit Governments, and for heads of government to pick the pockets of Corporations as reward for creating the rules and laws to give companies the right to exploit.
     Thus in mining, gas and oil, forestry, anything to exploit, Foreign Corporations can now sue a country for stopping any thing they want they do. Some of these companies have a bigger income than the country they sue.  Legal Representation, another band of thieves, who created the Free Trade Agreement, with often ignored ambiguous detail, guaranteed jobs in court, are very costly to any government.  The court costs are paid out of the public purses, not by the Corporations.  There is a lot more  corruption in governments, corporations, banking, stock markets even charities than meets the eye.  There is corruption where ever there is money. Free Trade is what the Self Government of Canada , the Garden Party does. So our Minister of Finance declared March 21st, World Free Day! 

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