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Monday, March 17, 2014

Crimea Goes With Russia

     They might do better with Self Government and dissolve borders. It is the way of the future.  As present central structures of power all fall apart with the unravelling of all the funny money, we will become more reliant on each other. Manufactured goods from far away places might be special.  Military Bases are really just Guns For Hire and will crumble when sent out to get some grain to feed the officers.  Yes, all the Bull, the Pretend and Make Belief is coming to a quick end.  The price of food increases as corporate farms take over the food production.  The Rents are beyond paychecks, add in the programmed life style, buying into debt, believing in property, will lead to many slaves ready to serve from the line ups at food banks.  No matter who falls from the high chair it will be wise to grow a big garden, the V. I. P.s will be coming for dinner.
     Garden Party will avoid any further embargos of our Pea Seed to Crimea, Russia, and Ukraine. Can send for Spring Planting by our Express Pass it on Mail or have the Pea Seed towed to Crimea in one of our War Ships. For next Spring.

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