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Monday, March 10, 2014

Church Property

What to do with church property!  There is a good chance that the Garden Party would turn the property into community gardens as a step to rebuilding community from the grass roots up.  The present model is a kind of nursery, where now anyone can bring plants, roots, or seed, and take what is available.  We have to cut our waste in all it's forms.  A garden will give the whole environment a breath of fresh air.  A small example is available to see if desired.  It can be done on a big scale with big toys with big taxes, but , we of the Garden Party can do the job on big scale with lots of people, and small toys that do not make noise. It can be done with out any tax dollars or fees.  Can be done in a planter pot, a rock pile or any open space.   This is what we do.  Cover the ground with rough compostables (branches), cover with grass, leaves, weeds, etc.  Top this with dirt of any kind mixed with a bit of old manure.  Plant potatoes,  or , cover the pile with instant compost planter pots, either way soil will be getting made under the crop.   The compost can be screened and used as next years top soil or provided for other " good idea projects" . This method provides opportunity for immediate crops to feed ourselves, the many people with quiet toys (hoes).  A place for kinder garden and kindred-garden activities.
     In our model we have a excess of kale plants, we have lots of edible pod pea seed, 3 varieties of grape vines in pots, and second year fig trees.  We are out of large planter pots, and have room for a thousand more.  We exercise No Buying Day, most days, but the next official World  NBD, is 21st.  One day at a time.   One day a month.  Everyday is No Buying Day for the New Government of BC, because the slush fund is dry.  We have had no contributions from the military industry, or Oprah who is looking at 32 thousand dollar purses,  No brown envelopes from herbicide or pesticide industries.  Not one cent from hazardous waste manufacturer Ikea , or Canada's mining industry abroad.  Interesting Monsanto making all those contributions to political parties, and nothing for the Garden Party.  Maybe they don't think we are political.  Well we are, ready to act on any property made available, we have all the permission we need to improve the situation.  A message from the cheapest government in Canada,   
Approved by The Garden Party's Minister for Sensible Employment, and the Minister for More Unemployment.

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