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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Capitalism is Finished

     We seem to be a little locked in the idea that money is the grease that motivates people.  No doubt it motivates round up ready Monsanto, The Drug Industries. Coke, Military Industry, Nuclear Industries, realestate speculators, fashion industry, lottery ticket buyers, tar sands disaster, Canadian Mining Companies, junk manufacturing, advertiseing and sports industries, yes collectively we do almost anything for money even if it kills us, or somebody else.  Pension plans are invested in all the Garbage Making Industries.  If they last eight more years, we probably won't. So pull out, shut down all this corruption, every Bank and Financial Instutuon is corrupt, as are all Insurance Companies. They got to go, if you work for Organized Crime, Quit on the 21st of March, World Do Nothing Day.  
     This is Garden Party Policy, less stuff, more life.  We can bring about The Garden, right where we are, the more the merryier.

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