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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Canada, Racist Nation? Part 3.

    Within a minute doctors were putting a neck brace on Sonny,  They got his cloths off after they laid him on a gurney, strapped him down, they were concerned about the serious injures, he was paralysed and could not move for a week.  He made repeated requests for someone to call his family in BC. No one, staff, doctors, nurses phoned his family. Staff had no authority ??  Not the Doctors Job ??  Nurses too Busy, short staffed ??  Well whatever, it was "fix him and kick him out" Indian Treatment that he got.  7 days in bed, before he could get up, on the 10th day, he got the shove out the door.  He sought out Legal Aid, basic free lawyers, for the poor. Sonny stayed at a shelter, slept on the floor, doors opened at 8pm, . woken up at 7am, out the door by 7:30am.  Sat around malls to stay warm during the days he waited to see legal aid.  What he ate was what he found. He went to Budget Car Rental, to see if he could get information about the accident as it was one of their cars, they would not even confirm the Feb 20th Crash.. They gave him nothing. The legal Aid told Sonny to see his Family Doctor, then come Back.  He also was told to get a Accident Report.  Remember it is still winter, early March, the only Doctor Sonny knows is a thousand kilometres north.  The Accident Report Was at the RCMP Office in Revelstoke BC, about a five hour drive west.  That is where Sonny goes next, wearing a neck brace, in constant pain, all walking difficult, and out of money.
     So, pushed out of the Calgary Hospital, in the middle of winter, told to get lost at Budget Car, told to go back to BC to see a Doctor by Legal Aid, and Sonny did what he was told, he didn't get mad or swear, just did what he was told. There were a lot of different professions that had contact with Sonny in Calgary. Mostly care givers. Part 4, RCMP Peace Officers,, Revelstoke, BC, tomorrow.

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