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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Garden Party

The Garden Party Idea came together in a honest attempt to participate in the last BC, Election.  We were denied by new rules, basically the bar was raised to eliminate more than 50% of the poorer people from being a candidate.  Well they won't let us participate in that corrupt government, so, we just set up our own. Self Government, The Garden Party.  Of course it went Nationally, and World Wide after that.  We have Created People's Diplomatic Core, set up GP244 are now internationally working on taking Down Borders. establishing local food  supplies, and bringing about Global Self Government, without any Military, IMF, or Elections.

The Green Party

    Who voted for Elisabeth May and the Green Party?  Certainly corporations influence government and people, it is in their interest to make money.  Crying for sustainable clean energy is fine, but what does it solve.  We can keep building bigger houses to heat and cool.  Drive clean energy cars to service organized crime? Fly 10,000 planes every day in N.A. to carry Gladiators to Play Games.? Cut Forests Downs to report every detail of every game. Build Dams for energy to  Freeze Natural Gas to sell to China for their Garbage making Industries.  Frack the Country, buy toys, smoke lots of pot, or get drunk to kill the pain.
    Where are all those Green Party voters?  Do they actually believe in top down Government? Or that higher taxing of Corporations will solve anything? Pointing fingers in every direction and not growing their own food?  Passing environmental laws to fill up the courts with Green Lawyers to argue parts per million? Expecting laws to force people out of cars?
     Green Party talks about Participatory Government, another Fairy Tail.  Every member should be growing a garden, cut ting out their personal use of fossil fuels and stop buying junk. They all should quit working for organized crime and govern from the grassroots up. If they are not prepared to put their actions where their mouth and vote is, they belong in the Compost of History where the Garden Party puts all trash. In other words, " Get off your butts and start shovelling."

First Morel, Victoria BC.

Hard to see, with indicator flowers.
   Close to middle, 10 o'clock


Morel Mushroom, #1.

This is the first lesson on picking Morels after a forest Fire,  designed for learning pickers, pickers who haven't learned, and pickers that have gold fever.  The focus will be on how to pick, what to leave behind, proper handling, drying, and maintaining the highest quality.
     How to pick. A sharp thin blade, and a sharpening stone.  When we pick for the commercial market, we pick prime morels only, clean cut stems, short, no bugs, no molds and no sand. Repeat, No Sand.  Short uniform stems look nicer, dry faster, and  the forest dirt, ash and molds, that start at the base of the 
mushroom, are cut off.  Morels are brittle when fresh, and little chips break off their caps easily.  This means they should be picked with light fingers and handled like eggs.   Carried in a solid container, a bucket with a lid, you can pick mushrooms that are wet but you don't want them full of water.  Spread in the air on a screen, or gently pour into a basket.  After picking keep out of the rain. 
     Next lesson will be on drying. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Want Your Lawn Dug Up?

     Occupation Apple Tree is ready to start digging up Vancouver Lawns , putting in raspberries, grapes, horse radish, peas, potatoes  next weekend.  Get on the list,  call Garden Party Emergency Response to have your lawn dug up, or, to dig up other peoples lawns.  Stay fit, meet people outside your circle.   Garden Party Self Government of BC, self funded project : BC FEEDS BC, in eight years.  Dig In. 1-604-928-3663 

Pipe lines

     We know that if we even just keep up consuming the same amount of resources tomorrow as we did today, we will kill ourselves.  This is our main objection to any new Pipeline. Even if there are no pipeline breaks or tanker spills for 35 years,  the process and consumption of even more than what we are using now, world wide, we are doomed.  Reduce your consumption, stand strong against every new pipeline, refinery, coal mine, open pit Gold and Copper mines.   Ground the flying gladiators, ski bums, car racing bums, golf bums, government bums, and apples from New Zealand.  Plant your own Apple, Pear, Plum and nut trees this Spring. We have about 100 one year old Grape Plants that we would like to get planted this year, come and get some or show us where we can plant them. We are also doing a experiment and attempting to grow six different grapes in Pots, expect some fruit next year. First moral mushroom should be up soon on the Gulf Islands, and South Vancouver Island.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Canada, Racist Nation? Part 5.

   Law Firm? Macniny and Macniny, some where in Vancouver BC, to make a long story short, was the firm that had a office in Fort St John that took on Sonny's Accident Claim, three months or more after the accident.  The office made contact with Sonny about twice a year for four years, when questioned about what was happening, he never got a straight answer, except they figured he would get $300,000 and that these things took time.  After Six years,  They give him a check of $2000 as a loan, and promises of a settlement soon.  Another $700, after that.  Then one day, when he was on the phone the Secretary told him there was a check for him on her desk from ICBC, and that he just had to come and get it.  At this time he was living in Chilliwack, he went immediately to their office in Vancouver, and, guess what, they lost the check, could not find it anywhere. Days Later over the phone they claimed ICBC, lost the check and  that they would get it straightened out.  Recently, the firms lawyer got Sonny to sign a bunch of papers, while he was hooked up to an I.V feeding him morphine every six seconds in a hospital.  The lawyer gave him a check, $1,000.  When Sonny got out of the Hospital, he called the Law Firm and was told the case was closed, he signed off, that was all the Money they could get for him.
    When he signed the lawyers papers, Sonny's wife was in the next room, because he is illiterate, he asked the Lawyer to get her, but he said he was in a hurry, and didn't look for her. Sonny sighed at least 4 papers, to get the check, he was broke. 
     Just this month Sonny Phoned ICBC to get information on what they paid The Law Firm, and they said his case is not even in their files, and that they did not pay out anything to a Henry Murphy. Sonny has no papers from Macnniy and Macniniy. Total Payout received by Sonny: $3700.
      Yes Canada is a Racist Nation, in the grocery stores, and the Justice System, in schools and hospitals, in jails and parliament.  Racism is most visible to those on the receiving end,  The end for now, but not over.

G. P. Dilemma

    The Garden Party was wondering, do we see a different world from what others see?  In Our World, what we see, is a disaster.  Our whole life support system is under attack.  Consumerism.  When bribes and favours, hidden agendas, cover-ups are in every government, every Military, every police debt., and every part of  Government, who needs them. Banks all laundering money, crime pays! Cover ups in all the Houses of God, and Houses of Mammon.  Cover-ups in every  charity office, and home. We teach it in Kinder garden. There will never be Peace made by Might. So, the Garden Party is simply taking control of the world it sees, full on Emergency Response.  Who needs Capitalism?  Who needs Elections?  Criminals, that's Who. And That's who are in our Governments, filling their boots. What is going on behind closed doors of the BC Legislature right now,  would make a vulture throw up.  An Informed People decide what to do and not do. Not a few coin operated politicians. After all we all seem to agree in Democracy, maybe we are out of practice.  Don't wait for Spring , Stop Buying , Grow a Garden, money is not edible.

A Good Spot

     A  Enterprise is being introduced again 20 years later.  The Garden Party is looking for rural places with buildings and acreage to create a "Good Spot" for any young people who are on the street, to go, a place they can always find, warmed and good food, a Home away from Home. It would be self funded, and Maintained, no rent, taxes maybe. Lots of Gardening, learning and teaching, when they leave it will be with portable wealth.

War Vets and Jobs

    There are a lot of ads on American Radio Stations to hire War Vets, lack of work in USA, Canada too. Do not expect that to change.  No doubt that for many Vets everywhere, after a visit to Hell, readjusting is not easy. Regular 9 to 5 jobs just don't cut it.  Start a Garden, you can work it for 15 minutes, or 15 hours. You can get together with other Vets and grow food for the widows, for soup kitchens, for anyone you want.  You are still Serving Your Country, and making the world a better Place. 
     Vets are wecome to work on any of our projects in BC or if you need a hand to start a garden, call The Garden Party Emergecy Response Number 1 604-928-3663.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Canada, Racist Nation? Part 4.

    Sonny, just out of Foot Hill Hospital wearing a neck collar, was told by Legal Aid in Calgary, that he needed a report from a Family Doctor, and the file number of the Accident report from the RCMP in Revelstoke, BC.  Sonny tried to get a Family Doctor in Calgary, and was told he had to get one from BC, his home province. He hitch hiked to Revelstoke RCMP, walked in the Door, explained that he was in the highway accident on Feb 20th and that he needed to get the names of the two other people in the car  and the accident report number for his Lawyer to 4 RCMP officers, who were just preparing to leave.  They told him he was lying, full of shit, manhandled him to the door, even grabbing him by his neck brace, pushed him out the door and told to get out. Sad to say, this has been not so uncommon attitude of RCMP in Canada, and not only to First Nations. You are lying, full of Shit, get out of here. How many times did First Nations try to report Residential School Abuse to get the same or worse treatment by Law Enforcement.  Not much has changed even today.
     Sonny left town, and hiked north, five hours later he went into another RCMP OFFICE, Williams Lake, where there was a First Nations RCMP, and long time friend.  She (RCMP Officer) was upset and phoned, Revelstoke Detachment. They said Sonny never came into their office, he is lying, but they were looking for him to ask him questions about the accident, and to put him on the phone.   The Lady RCMP, friend of Sonny,  told them that he had been  at their office five hours ago and was kicked out,  he is not lying, she knew all her life, and they can now ask questions from his Lawyer, and that he had grounds for a law suit against the RCMP, kicking him out in the middle of winter, and just after he got out of the Hospital. Sonny then spent 2 days Trying to find a family Doctor in Williams Lake, couldn't find one, and figured he would just go to Fort St John, another 10 hours driving time North,  where he did have a Doctor.  He did get some medical treatment, but with all the run around, and a lawyer for Accident Claims that serviced Fort St that came from Vancouver once every couple of months, it was a few months before the Law Firm, Mac Ninny, and Mac Ninny, from Vancouver took on his case. This is where the story gets bad, next True Episode Tomorrow.  

No More War

    Should that rattling sabre fraudulent Elected Prime Minister of Canada declare war on any Country, The Garden Party will mobilize immediately, head to Ottawa and give him a shovel.  Major or miner wars can all escalate to endanger life on this planet.  Time for people every where to put power tripping sword rattling so called leaders,  a proper hoeing.
    Prepare a garden or make land accessible to those wanting to grow local food.  This is a environmentally sound action, so don't wait for Spring.  Do it now.

New Endangered Species

   There is no question folks, we can talk about the criminals that sit in our Legislatures till the cows come home, but they are always there.  Money, money, money.  Non of them ever go to jail, and even if found out, the bill is paid from the public purse, the criminals keep the loot. There has been a long line of crooks in the BC Legislature, many are permanent civil servants paid out of the public purse but working for private interests.
     Kinder Morgan pipeline, lots going on behind the presented scenes that the public is not informed on. Even Criminals try to keep their word when they make deals.  That is why the Illegal Elected Government keep Insisting that Fish Lake is just a " muddy little pot hole", and the human race needs another massive open pit Gold Mine to get rich. Nuts. We are starting maybe 400, this year.  Agricultural Reserve is shrinking when it would be Smarter expanding.  Their unannounced plans will be known  after  changing ALR.   Site C Dam, Big Scam, Public gets the Bill,  Industry gets the Power.  Unless we stop all this growth Add Humans to the Endangered Species List.  Grow a Garden This Year, and take Care of The Garden.  You will live longer and suffer more.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Canada, Racist Nation? Part 3.

    Within a minute doctors were putting a neck brace on Sonny,  They got his cloths off after they laid him on a gurney, strapped him down, they were concerned about the serious injures, he was paralysed and could not move for a week.  He made repeated requests for someone to call his family in BC. No one, staff, doctors, nurses phoned his family. Staff had no authority ??  Not the Doctors Job ??  Nurses too Busy, short staffed ??  Well whatever, it was "fix him and kick him out" Indian Treatment that he got.  7 days in bed, before he could get up, on the 10th day, he got the shove out the door.  He sought out Legal Aid, basic free lawyers, for the poor. Sonny stayed at a shelter, slept on the floor, doors opened at 8pm, . woken up at 7am, out the door by 7:30am.  Sat around malls to stay warm during the days he waited to see legal aid.  What he ate was what he found. He went to Budget Car Rental, to see if he could get information about the accident as it was one of their cars, they would not even confirm the Feb 20th Crash.. They gave him nothing. The legal Aid told Sonny to see his Family Doctor, then come Back.  He also was told to get a Accident Report.  Remember it is still winter, early March, the only Doctor Sonny knows is a thousand kilometres north.  The Accident Report Was at the RCMP Office in Revelstoke BC, about a five hour drive west.  That is where Sonny goes next, wearing a neck brace, in constant pain, all walking difficult, and out of money.
     So, pushed out of the Calgary Hospital, in the middle of winter, told to get lost at Budget Car, told to go back to BC to see a Doctor by Legal Aid, and Sonny did what he was told, he didn't get mad or swear, just did what he was told. There were a lot of different professions that had contact with Sonny in Calgary. Mostly care givers. Part 4, RCMP Peace Officers,, Revelstoke, BC, tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Canada, Racist Nation? Part 2.

     Everybody left the scene of the accident, Sonny thought the off duty RCMP officer was going to drive him to the Hospital, it was Feb 20th, and cold, Sonny had trouble standing, walking was slow and painful.  What happened was, the RCMP officer got a call from his wife to get something, two miles outside of Calgary, Sonny was told to get out, the cop turned the corner and left Sonny Outside in 30 below weather to hitch hike or walk to a Hospital.  Luck was with Sonny, two young men driving East, had seen him with his Indian Sweater at the Accident Site. They Picked Him up and Rushed him to Emergency in Calgary.  He was in serious condition, the staff at Emergency reacted swiftly.
      If you ponder on the action of the RCMP officer dropping him on the street at night, it is possible maybe even likely that he did not know badly Sonny was hurt.  Cracked Bones in his neck, half of his rib cage collapsed by the seat belt on Impact  with a rock wall, concussion, snowy cold wind blowing, dark, the cop, might honestly  not have noticed how badly Sonny was hurt.  You might Blame Sonny, normal thing to do, for not telling the police to at least call an ambulance.  But Sonny learned to do what ever a policeman said to do, it was less trouble.  So he accepted, what no middle class person would consider acceptable behaviour of any Canadian Cop.  This Story is not make the police bad guys, but some of their actions, will show by a life experience of the almost invisible but very real racism that is very much a part of Canada.  See what happens in the Hospital,  Part Three Tomorrow.

Fair Elections Act, Canada.

    It matters very little about the changes to the Fair Election Act that will deny more of mainly poor,  homeless, and First Nations the right to vote in Canadian Elections.  The poor are already blocked from participation in elections, by new regulations which demand money. There have has never been a fair Election in a Capitalist System, money makes, money breaks, the Golden Rule, those who have the Gold, make the Rules.  Until Now. So change the Fair Election Act till the cows come home,  The Garden Party has Cancelled Elections, as they are not fair or democratic, Self Government in Canada is the order of the day, but to participate in Self Government you will need all 39 pieces of ID.  Only if you cannot identify yourself, of course.