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Monday, February 17, 2014

World Employment Solution

     The Garden Party of BC continues to have Full Employment with unlimited jobs waiting to be filled.  Yes the pay may not be in cash, but, money as a commodity is ending as a failed experiment anyway. So instead of wasting time and life while looking for some useless job just to make money start a garden to feed yourself and those who need food, such as refugees in camps, food banks, single parents etc. Our systems have failed, the warnings were ignored, but a New Day is taking place around the World. Time to put our space ship in order, start with your own situation, even if you are looking for employment.  Have a Garden Party, tough in a war zone and if you are on the street, in a refugee camp, or stuck in a snow bank, but otherwise obstacles can be overcome.  
     Corporate Farms and Monoculture are envioromrntally a disaster, gardening is a better way and if necessary start growing in a pot, on roofs, balconies, side walks, hanging on fences or tree branches.  Here in BC alone there are literally tens of thousands of food production possibilities.  Learn by doing what works and does not for you in your situation.  We started our Gardens by dealing with our food wastes and now have hundreds of fruit trees and multiple gardens which continue to expand with ideas and people, yet we own no land but found a recipe that works and are producing more than we need.  Some will find its way to market for those who still need cash.  Give us a call If you need help to get started.  We now are making contacts in France, Japan, and Boston Bar BC.

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