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Sunday, February 2, 2014

What is Hidden will be Revealed

     Spring is Coming, spies are singing everywhere, there are a lot of lids coming off past misbehaviour.  We expect there will be more surprises for everyone who is Afraid of the Dark.  Corruption, seems to be hounding every government around the world.  Does that tell you something or not?!  The process itself is corrupting. Does that tell something or not?! The process does not work, never has, never will.  End the process.  Done!  The Garden Party is Finished with the old process of Government and Administration from the top down. The New Process is the one we are creating now,  Administered From the Grassroots Up,  We have Cancelled Elections , yes or no, will do.  There will be bumps, but it can be done without breaking a fingernail, if the result is to be peaceful, the process is its creation.
     Take back a day Feb. 21st World Do Nothing Day.  One Day at a Time, start a garden.

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