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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

To Protesters of Ukraine

     It is with regret for loss of Life in trying to gain some power back to direct Your Homeland, that this message is sent to you. by Pass It on Mail, from The Garden Party Self Government of BC, Canada.
     Prepare to take over your governance, councils, in every area, first priorities everybody fed, everybody warm, everybody's teeth fixed.  Put a hold on all debt claims. The main necessary work, the workers know what to do, make sure they are able to do their jobs, and give them trainees to help them.  You are going to need to inspire many of your people, because, the obstacles that will placed in your way will be many, and you will be the focus of blame.  If the People of Ukraine are ready, you could become the first place to achieve government from the ground up, instead of the top down.  Organize Councils or contacts from grassroots of all areas of Uk. From these councils you construct and direct your government.  In respect of Dead and hurt Police and Protesters, we wish you success.   
    The 21st of February is World do Nothing Day.  Message from Busybodies Diplomatic Core, Canada, an inclusive club working on Gardens Everywhere.

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