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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Time for the end of all war.

      Should have been done by now, but we are still manufacturing arms that are being used around the world making bloody profits.  The Garden Party is calling on all people to find a peaceful way to shut down all Industries where they live that are life negative.  Start a peaceful movement, dig in, stay public, and hang in no matter what the odds.  There is a effort being made by grassroots people all over the world to address local and worldwide problems. Let your voice and actions join in the global community for positive change. Apply your words, spread your ideas and examples, the more we do, the sooner we all come together and send war, waste, human and environmental degradation, into the compost of history. While waiting to get your teeth clamped on something, if you are, start a garden, a good way to stay balanced, grounded, and to eat well.  
     World No More War Day March 21st, hang up your pistols, and pick up a shovel.

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