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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Public Cow

     The public purse has been very popular with Lawyers.  They can keep a court case going as long as possible.  They must like cases that the lawyers on both sides are paid for from the Public Purse.  Such as the 12 year case between the teachers and elected government in BC. Must be in the millions.
     We have reason to suspect that lawyers develop their cases so they can be appealed, and drag the cases out as long as there is money to eat up.  The public purse also pays for court staff and judges, who also benefit from long drawn out cases.  Then of course we have the jails, $150 to $300 a day per person behind bars.  Who said Crime does not pay.  There are a lot of paychecks that are all focused on problems with nothing going into prevention, dealing with causes, or rehab.
     The Garden Party is going into prevention by dealing with the causes thus eliminating the wasted Pubic Cow while increasing the number of Gardeners.  Since we still have prisons, those in charge should make gardening available to inmates.   And nobody needs to show up in court on Feb 21st, World Shut Down Day.  Happy New Year ! Get free!

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