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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The People's Diplomatic Core

    The Garden Party the Self Government of Canada, has begun the process of creating a International People's Diplomatic Core.  An evolving structure of international cooperation, developing a overall Emergency Response Team.  Also To bring all international conflict to resolution.  We have the UN, but are not in discussion with them, yet.  So we are just having a Grassroots Garden Party World Wide.
     To create The People's Diplomatic Core, starts with one person in contact with a person from anywhere.  Under Self Government,  You can be a Diplomat, everything is evolving. We have Diplomats ready to go.  Right now, they are picking wild onions, gardening and pruning.  We are ready for connections world wide.  
    Feb 21st World Do Nothing Day, use common sense,  

    gov wants land for war games or internment camps?

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