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Friday, February 7, 2014

The Objector, First Nations.

"I must let you know , I Object".  Quote,  First Nations Lady, to Harpers $2 billion deal for enhanced education, with conditions.  The Garden Party adds its Objection to the deal.  Why are there Conditions?  Who made up the conditions? First Nations should be in control of what they teach their children, not Ottawa, where all that corruption of enhanceable educated politicians are being charged for corruption.  Make up for short changing First Nations schools, give them the tools, give them real control of their education system. Let them decide the curriculum.  We of the Garden Party suggest the present school systems are a failure, proof, the Senators..  We recommend that people start their own schools.  If you care about the future, and your kids future, get inspired.  And Pay Attention, when a elder voice calls out "I must let you know. I Object!"

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