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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Garden Party

     This is for the perceived spies.
     The Garden Party are like what some might call "Anarchist", we must be somewhat conservative as we all hate waste, but we are often buried in it, other peoples waste,  we practice socialism most of the time, our thinking is liberal, and we like gardens, the best environmental action most people should do.
     We are simply learning from the past, evolving in the present, to a constantly renewing future.  The future will not have top down government, it will be bottom up government. That is what the Registered Non-Members of The Garden Party are participating in Now. 
      The future will not be dictated by armies, money, or fairy tails, common sense, is taking over.  
     We would like that 46 year old Canadian War Ship Scraped where it is landed and turned into shovels, end the war industry Now.
     Most important thing to do now, plant a garden, a food crisis could start this year. A open letter to all spies sent by Pass it on Mail.

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