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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stop Economic Recovery

      Recovery means more resources trashed with a money system that can only sustain itself by growth.
.      A economic crash is blessing in disguise, perhaps the only way that we will be able to bring common sense to the table.  Handing out blame for the leaders of nations is easy to do, handing out blame to those who made them leaders is easy to do, handing out blame to those who allow this process to continue are to blame.  You and me. To avoid blame The Garden Party was created.  By changes in election regulations, we were stopped from participating in elections.  Democracy excludes half of population from participating in elections as candidates in BC and in Canada.  
    Our Natural Response was to exclude what excluded us, and that is our response.   We do not recognize the elected BC or Canadian governments.   We have started Self Government from the grassroots.  Government from the base where it should be, is getting deep rooted and spreading beyond our borders. Money is coming to a end, as we work our way out of using or needing money, forever, not to be bothered with it again.
     So embrace the economic downturn, declare Self Government, and get the Garden going. 

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