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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sell Your Gold

     People can stop a lot of things without taking up arms against rulers. If you need to look at all the environmental and social disasters caused by gold and diamonds, search it on the net.
     The Garden Party suggests selling all your gold and crash the market, do not buy it back, as we do not  intend to keep digging holes and crushing millions of tons of rock to get a few kilos of shiny yellow metal, then put in a vault under ground. Gold's value is in beliefs only, the Garden Party prefers iron.  Stop Buying Gold, sell any shares you have in gold and diamond mining companies, Pull out all the plugs.  If you work in the gold industry, look for beneficial work, grow a garden.  We expect big drops soon, floods can be made from single drops, lots of them. Sent by PASS IT ON Mail, from Garden Party's Minister of Propaganda.

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