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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Self Government Day

     Self Government means you decide. For example the Garden Party declared itself the Government of BC, and considers the Elected Government as Fraudsters.  We now know that having elections does not create Democracy, so The Garden Party Cancelled elections and has no need for them today.  Self Government means you decide.  For Example The Garden Party of Canada has nullified all student debt, so under garden party law, debt of money to a bank is an illusion, that was created out of nothing.
     The Garden Party has banned drone warfare, called for the shutting down all the military industries, nuclear power plants, Chrysler motors, Monsanto, air fresheners,  sick salmon farming, broken bone sports industry, and the criminal legal industry.  
     Developing Government In The Garden and Declaring Feb 21st World Self  Government Day, International Holiday, to stay home and have a Garden Party. 

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