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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Promises or Corruption?

     The Elected Gas Pushing Corporate PR Premier of BC Has been threatening to force 100,000 slaves to work on rip, frack, dam, tear and export, what is left of BC Resources.  To make everybody rich of course. Funny how these politicians keep telling us that these resources belong to all people and then give the corporations millions of dollars to help the rip off.  We have to build the highways and Dams, provide the services, give billions to help Corporations set up infrastructure, subsidize energy, minimize taxes and when the resource is depleted,the mess made, they go else where to the next great project they are doing to help a new bunch of slaves.
     The Garden Party is calling for all out Evolution, Starting tomorrow Feb 21st, World Do Nothing Day.  Pressure Relief Day.  This has been a message from our Minister of the Environment who is still underground in Quebec, who, we expect will release some startling new scientific evidence on fracking and underground water.  

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