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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Occupation Whitehorse Yukon

     Yes, the Garden Party has planted seed in the Yukon and may be developing a minor mushroom picking and processing operation near Whitehorse this spring/summer season.  Part of a Yukon Feeds Yukon in collaboration with BC Feeds BC.  This first step into the far north will open up a means of free trade with products of the North and South with lots of valuable sustainable jobs. Exciting times.
     Also in the works, we are looking for a location to set up a repair and maintenance location on Vancouver Island.  This will service local needs as well as Vehicle and equipment for Occupation Apple Tree.  The intention is also to develop energy efficient food processing equipment, and hands on training for students who are so inclined. We will be ready to start this project in about four weeks. Some big barns or buildings would be nice.

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