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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Occupation West Vancouver

     West Vancouver may convert the Financial Capital of BC to Horse Radish.  The Garden Party is about to get roots in the ground changing all that money into Horse Radish, something that is guaranteed to retain real value, and warm up West Van efforts to feed people instead of fleecing them. This may aid greatly to BC Feeds BC, to provide all the House Radish needed locally.  Free Root stock of Horse radish and tuber Artichokes will be availible at our next visit to Granville Public Market in Vancouver, BC.  We post a blog  every Wed under the Granville island title, if we will or will not be there on the following Thursday.
     Enjoy the snow, horse radish can handle cold winters and grows almost wild in parts of Manitoba.  That is where our root stock has been brought from, iit is hardy and will handle any climate or political changes we might have to deal with.  
     This has been a public funded message from our Minister of Agriculture and Food Banks distributing excess to those who only have indigestible  money.
     Horse Radish root on Ice
    Tuber artichoke ready to dig and eat. 
    Russian purple kale, in Snow still growing.

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