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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Occupation Vancouver

    BC Feeds BC is about to get a big growth explosion of Victory Gardens in Vancouver.  Due to the drying conditions in California, and Freezing of crops in the South East US,  and money indigestible, let it be noted, a warning has been issued.  Imports of food will be in short supply in the immediate future.  Occupation Apple tree will be kicking off a full campaign to dig up every yard, back alley, roof top, and balcony for Victory Gardens in Vancouver and Victoria.  Ground work has started in the Garden of the mind, and should have Shovels in the Ground within a week.  Our minister of Propaganda, and The Garden Party, the real Government of BC has made it clear that permission to dig up even the legislative grounds is OK. That location is recommended as a good place for garlic and perhaps a pig farm as  locals are already familiar to similar smells, and practiced at shoveling a lot of BS. 

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