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Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Downgrade, Immigration.

     We should deport the entire Department of Immigration but who would take them?  Who would want people that make it difficult for displaced immigrants get into their new home.  The Garden Party Approach would Welcome the New Immigrant, take care of their needs, introduce them to how we do things, get them in a job that suits them so they can support themselves, and let them learn local language to the amount that they choose in our Free Country, Welcome to a Mess, every Political Party Corrupt, Country Being Raped of all it's Resources from Coast to Coast to Coast,  and we are the top polluters in the world.
    So if anyone wants to get involved with Occupation Apple Tree, to do
agricultural work, we are easy.  Also if you know of any Farms that could be brought back to life, we have a crew now.   We are teaching English,  Apple, Bucket, Carrot, Democracy, Enough, Food, Grassroots, Heaven on Earth, Feb 21st, World Take A Break Day.

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