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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More Cover Ups Exposed

    The national energy board, public purse funded to keep a blind eye on things like burst pipe lines has been doing a super job.  A huge natural gas line burst up north out of sight of the general public and the NEB were informed, did an investigation, and kept quiet.  Actually,  using the Freedom of Disinformation Act was how The CBC got the lid off.  Does this not tell you something?  Who is the National Energy Board?   Who appoints the board members?  Who is surprised?   Every person on that board deserves the Garden Party's "Hoe Metal Award".  They are the same bunch that just said ok to the Enbridge Pipe Line, they definitely should take up Gardening.  We are starting a new get down and dirty class on Feb 21st, World Shut Down Day.  Good time to start peas, beets, carrots and potatoes, on the coast.  The nettles and first dandelions will be up,  Spring Upraising is happening on the BC Coast, do your part.

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