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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Little Sparks to Big Flames

     Our audience is the whole wild world.  The end of money as a measurement of value or exchange is coming.  It is no longer a block that can hold back our evolution.  Our ideas and actions and resource material needed are not blocked by money or by the lack of money.  We are finding it easier to work on all our projects with a constant Zero Budget.  We don't ask for money, do not charge for our services, goods are held in common, consider ourselves as our own Self Government.  All of our connections and projects are outside Elected Government restraints as we eliminate all the useless permits, licences, real estate agents, bookies, courts, the protection rackets, and the need for written in stone Legislation. The mess will get cleaned up when we stop making it. We are actively working on a transition.
     By changing how and where we grow, process, distribute, and consume our food, will by itself affect a large part of our social and environmental problems.
     Another effort to eliminate all wasteful use of 'energy', end all the useless work
and garbage production. By getting rid of Banking, Bay and Wall streets, the Military Industry, Advertising Industry, Fashion Industry and not trying to make the money economy grow,  should make a Hugh difference to our environment and a lot less cars on the road.
      We are now in the stage of developing community teams in Victoria and Vancouver to care for and plant more trees, vines, and gardens.  We do intend to plant Garlic on the Legislative grounds soon. We did try once before.  Also in the works is a travelling team of Show, Tell, and do, BC Feeds BC, which will include Natural herbs berries and mushrooms.  No shortage of job openings here.  No drain on the medical industry. Most valued metal by The Garden Party is Iron.  And we are ready to start digging up lawns in Vancouver for Victory Gardens.
     A message of collaboration with our Minister of the Environment, the Minister for More Unemployment and Ministry According To John who said Join The Garden Party, write up your own membership card, we have a Non Membership Licence, made it ourselves.

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