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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Help China, Stop Buying.

     Give Blue Skies back to China.  We do not need more 'stuff', we do not need to send Coal, tar sands Oil or Natural Gas to China to FILL THE BOOTS OF POLITICIANS and their Corporate Masters.  How many warnings and signs of ecological disasters have to happen to satisfy 'economic' growth before we reject Monetary Rule.
     The Garden Party of Canada is calling its 12,000 spies to go on strike for less of everything.  One big World Strike against Money. Of course this could cause quite a lot of human suffering and conflict.  This is why we are strongly advocating a massive gardening effort, as all the  employment  in useless occupations stops it will likely cause a panic among the numerologists.  This is the future forecast, so trying to hedge your bets will be worthless, as will so called precious metals.  A big crash may be necessary for the survival of life on this planet, however we may still have a small window of opportunity to bring about necessary changes.  It will take a conscious effort by a lot of people.  That will mean co-operation of have~nots, with shovels in the ground.  Governments can be ignored, or replaced according to needs. All resources, will come under good stewardship for efficient common sense use. 
     Do your own honest assessment of your activities and consumption.  The idea that one's little bit, pro or con, makes no difference in the world, is making the world. Excuses out of the way, MOVE THAT SHOVEL, THIS IS BOOT CAMP!

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