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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gibbal de gook-money.

   The Garden Party Is efficient.  25% of the slaves of Canada are involved with our fiscal economy. Keeping track of Money.  Who spent what, who owes who, who owns what, add on interest, gibbal-de-gook on and on.  25% of the working population working on gook can hardly be efficient.
     You might be one of those people that say " money is just a means of exchange" and we need something.  Why?  Money becomes property, we exchange property, it can work, but not if somewhere presses are printing money, just making money out of the sky.  The whole thing is a scam, the few own the many.  To break this ball and chain, The Garden Party disclaims property, which eliminates the use of money or any need for a means of exchange.  We simply recognize every one as a member of our Human Family.  We want everyone to have access to good clean healthy food. 
     To accomplish this goal we do not need 50% of the people and resources wasted while adding another negative value, garbage.  So the Garden Party keeps no books, banks, or banana peels.  Put it all in the compost.  The Garden Party is just saying Globally, take control of your life and destiny, self government, from the ground up.  Halt the arms race, halt Monsanto, halt needing money's permission, grow a garden and celebrate Feb 21st, World Without War Day,  where you are. Fighters every where hang up your guns, one day, The 21st. The New World Order, From the Ground Up !

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