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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Feds Fix Election Rules

     With the Canadian elected government new rules, the Chief Election Officer will be silenced.  Investigation in any funny stuff going on with elections will be done by others.  The new bill is being hurried through the Big House.  Recent rules eliminate 20 to 40% of voters from  participating as Independent candidates.  New rules may stop a hundred thousand from voting in the next election. When you give power to people, elected or not, you can never know what will happen.  What appears like a good Apple, might be rotten to the core.  Best not to set people up in power,  sooner or later that power will be dictating our lives as it is now..  Not to late to learn from past mistakes, this one time it must be taken back, and kept.  The global  community is transforming, Spring is coming,  we are taking the our power back and redirecting our lives.  Oh how the mighty fall.  Corporations, Money, Dictators, Kings and Queens, so called Democracies  can all be brought to their knees in three days, if everybody does nothing.  Next practice day, Fed 21st, World Do Nothing Day.  And do prepare to plant a Garden. 
     This has been a message from The Garden Party's Minister Busybody, working for Extended Sick Days Off without limits for All Federal Government Workers, no proof of illness necessary, 

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