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Friday, February 7, 2014

Crash is Coming, Ontario.

    It has to happen, the crazy glue is unravelling,  we better get ready,  prepare to garden, get your seeds now, there may not be much in the food banks, a garden may not take care of all you food needs, but it keep you going.  Besides, fresh out of the garden taste best and is nutritionally better.  Also growing a garden is the best occupation to help the environment.
     Next best thing, Buy Nothing That You Do Not Need.   Feb 21st, World Do Nothing Day.  Get some practice, this is a way to send any Sitting Government into History.  Just nice to know we can send any Prime Minister or Premier Home in three days.  And just by doing nothing.
      The Garden Party is now rooted in Ontario and Quebec. Pour on the Compost. Ontario Feeds Ontario in 8 years. Good timing, California is drying up, Florida is freezing up, plant some peas.

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