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Friday, February 14, 2014

Canada's Failed Democracy

     The Elected Harper Government just baled out Chrysler Corporation against the wishes of most Canadians.  The idea of a Democracy was to have reps from all parts of the country to serve the people.  The fact is they serve the Corporations. What is the point of voting in servants to do the bidding of Corporations against the will of the People.  If the Majority is opposed to a bale-out, there should be no bale-out.  Instead they just had their pockets picked against their will.  Spring is coming, takes only three days of doing nothing to crash a Government and get a Garden prepared.
    Self Government, ground up, no need to crash elected governments, they all will crash on their own, much sooner if ignored by everybody.   As we get in the swing of ignoring other problems, banks, lawyers, ski bums, big box stores, corporate farms, we should have lots of time for gardening and to Have a Garden Party on Feb 21st,  World Self Government Day.

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