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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Garden Party

     This is for the perceived spies.
     The Garden Party are like what some might call "Anarchist", we must be somewhat conservative as we all hate waste, but we are often buried in it, other peoples waste,  we practice socialism most of the time, our thinking is liberal, and we like gardens, the best environmental action most people should do.
     We are simply learning from the past, evolving in the present, to a constantly renewing future.  The future will not have top down government, it will be bottom up government. That is what the Registered Non-Members of The Garden Party are participating in Now. 
      The future will not be dictated by armies, money, or fairy tails, common sense, is taking over.  
     We would like that 46 year old Canadian War Ship Scraped where it is landed and turned into shovels, end the war industry Now.
     Most important thing to do now, plant a garden, a food crisis could start this year. A open letter to all spies sent by Pass it on Mail.


     RRSPs will be worthless in a few years, actually they lose value the day after purchase.  Monetary collapse is being held together by crazy glue now.  Where as the Garden Party Savings Plan, will have stable steady growth, with constant returns. No fees, hidden charges, taxes, financial advisers or the stress of up and down markets.  All the excess income can be reinvested or withdrawn if needed at your local Food Bank, the only Canadian Bank that has any real social value. 
     So convert your RRSPs to GPSPs and watch your investment grow.
    Eating this Dandelion Tonight, yum.

    Siberian Miners Lettuce, natures gift.

The New Government Structure

     Self Government Garden Party of BC is planting Asparagus, beets, carrots, hope, weeding out elected governments and converting war ships to shovels for all those lawyers soon to be visiting Food Banks to make withdrawals. Peas and beets are up in Victoria BC where we dump garbage in Heal Lake and sewage in the sea.
    Check this out on google .
    Hardly used and discarded, we need less junk, not more energy or mines.

To Putin, pass it on mail.

You can and you must! Stop the Gay bashing in Russia, or prepare to be condemned around the world and in Russia as well.  You have the power to do this, if you do not you will be looked upon as a worthless nut.  Now act or pay the price.
     From the Garden Party of Canada,

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sell Your Gold

     People can stop a lot of things without taking up arms against rulers. If you need to look at all the environmental and social disasters caused by gold and diamonds, search it on the net.
     The Garden Party suggests selling all your gold and crash the market, do not buy it back, as we do not  intend to keep digging holes and crushing millions of tons of rock to get a few kilos of shiny yellow metal, then put in a vault under ground. Gold's value is in beliefs only, the Garden Party prefers iron.  Stop Buying Gold, sell any shares you have in gold and diamond mining companies, Pull out all the plugs.  If you work in the gold industry, look for beneficial work, grow a garden.  We expect big drops soon, floods can be made from single drops, lots of them. Sent by PASS IT ON Mail, from Garden Party's Minister of Propaganda.

Occupation Summerland

     Occupation Apple Tree may take root in BC Fruit Belt, 7 acres of fruit trees to take care of, good variety, will be checking in a couple of weeks. It is time for co-operation of like minded people to get off their butts if we are to survive the coming food shortages, and get the speculators out of the real estate market. Farm land being held as a place to hide ill gotten gain and sit on it for monetary gain while trees sit neglected is considered a crime against humanity by the Garden Party of BC.

What is best for Ukraine?

Let the people of Ukraine decide what they think is best to do.  Do they want corporate rule, IMF rule, or self rule? Russia may be bad, but Europe is no prize either.  Might as well do your own thing, Self Government from the Grass Roots Up.  Maintain all that you have achieved, people decide, administration serves.  Russia and Europe will follow.
     Pass it on mail to Ukraine, from the Minister Busybody, from Stead Manitoba, now in charge of Propaganda for The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada.  

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Help China, Stop Buying.

     Give Blue Skies back to China.  We do not need more 'stuff', we do not need to send Coal, tar sands Oil or Natural Gas to China to FILL THE BOOTS OF POLITICIANS and their Corporate Masters.  How many warnings and signs of ecological disasters have to happen to satisfy 'economic' growth before we reject Monetary Rule.
     The Garden Party of Canada is calling its 12,000 spies to go on strike for less of everything.  One big World Strike against Money. Of course this could cause quite a lot of human suffering and conflict.  This is why we are strongly advocating a massive gardening effort, as all the  employment  in useless occupations stops it will likely cause a panic among the numerologists.  This is the future forecast, so trying to hedge your bets will be worthless, as will so called precious metals.  A big crash may be necessary for the survival of life on this planet, however we may still have a small window of opportunity to bring about necessary changes.  It will take a conscious effort by a lot of people.  That will mean co-operation of have~nots, with shovels in the ground.  Governments can be ignored, or replaced according to needs. All resources, will come under good stewardship for efficient common sense use. 
     Do your own honest assessment of your activities and consumption.  The idea that one's little bit, pro or con, makes no difference in the world, is making the world. Excuses out of the way, MOVE THAT SHOVEL, THIS IS BOOT CAMP!

New Mail Service, Canada.

     The Garden Party has established a new  global mail service, Pass It On Mail, no stamps required, do not even need a envelope, just name and approximate address should be sufficient, just hand it off to anybody moving in the right direction and let it go, or post it on the net.  It is free, needs no post offices, and has a good chance of getting to the intended address faster than our present mail service.  Door to door service,  free. 
     So Canada has a brand new modern Postal System, that costs nothing.  It is likely that junk not worth delivering will get very far.  One of the big disadvantages of the present garbage distributing Postal service.
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada solving the Problems caused by Elected Governments.   Our Minister for More Unemployment will take all credit, send by Pass It On Mail.

Not at Granville this week

    Snow has set back the Nettles again, so will not likely be back in market for a couple of weeks.   
     First peas, pushing up.
    Kale and Chard 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Little Sparks to Big Flames

     Our audience is the whole wild world.  The end of money as a measurement of value or exchange is coming.  It is no longer a block that can hold back our evolution.  Our ideas and actions and resource material needed are not blocked by money or by the lack of money.  We are finding it easier to work on all our projects with a constant Zero Budget.  We don't ask for money, do not charge for our services, goods are held in common, consider ourselves as our own Self Government.  All of our connections and projects are outside Elected Government restraints as we eliminate all the useless permits, licences, real estate agents, bookies, courts, the protection rackets, and the need for written in stone Legislation. The mess will get cleaned up when we stop making it. We are actively working on a transition.
     By changing how and where we grow, process, distribute, and consume our food, will by itself affect a large part of our social and environmental problems.
     Another effort to eliminate all wasteful use of 'energy', end all the useless work
and garbage production. By getting rid of Banking, Bay and Wall streets, the Military Industry, Advertising Industry, Fashion Industry and not trying to make the money economy grow,  should make a Hugh difference to our environment and a lot less cars on the road.
      We are now in the stage of developing community teams in Victoria and Vancouver to care for and plant more trees, vines, and gardens.  We do intend to plant Garlic on the Legislative grounds soon. We did try once before.  Also in the works is a travelling team of Show, Tell, and do, BC Feeds BC, which will include Natural herbs berries and mushrooms.  No shortage of job openings here.  No drain on the medical industry. Most valued metal by The Garden Party is Iron.  And we are ready to start digging up lawns in Vancouver for Victory Gardens.
     A message of collaboration with our Minister of the Environment, the Minister for More Unemployment and Ministry According To John who said Join The Garden Party, write up your own membership card, we have a Non Membership Licence, made it ourselves.

Occupation Whitehorse Yukon

     Yes, the Garden Party has planted seed in the Yukon and may be developing a minor mushroom picking and processing operation near Whitehorse this spring/summer season.  Part of a Yukon Feeds Yukon in collaboration with BC Feeds BC.  This first step into the far north will open up a means of free trade with products of the North and South with lots of valuable sustainable jobs. Exciting times.
     Also in the works, we are looking for a location to set up a repair and maintenance location on Vancouver Island.  This will service local needs as well as Vehicle and equipment for Occupation Apple Tree.  The intention is also to develop energy efficient food processing equipment, and hands on training for students who are so inclined. We will be ready to start this project in about four weeks. Some big barns or buildings would be nice.

Occupation Vancouver

    BC Feeds BC is about to get a big growth explosion of Victory Gardens in Vancouver.  Due to the drying conditions in California, and Freezing of crops in the South East US,  and money indigestible, let it be noted, a warning has been issued.  Imports of food will be in short supply in the immediate future.  Occupation Apple tree will be kicking off a full campaign to dig up every yard, back alley, roof top, and balcony for Victory Gardens in Vancouver and Victoria.  Ground work has started in the Garden of the mind, and should have Shovels in the Ground within a week.  Our minister of Propaganda, and The Garden Party, the real Government of BC has made it clear that permission to dig up even the legislative grounds is OK. That location is recommended as a good place for garlic and perhaps a pig farm as  locals are already familiar to similar smells, and practiced at shoveling a lot of BS. 

Occupation West Vancouver

     West Vancouver may convert the Financial Capital of BC to Horse Radish.  The Garden Party is about to get roots in the ground changing all that money into Horse Radish, something that is guaranteed to retain real value, and warm up West Van efforts to feed people instead of fleecing them. This may aid greatly to BC Feeds BC, to provide all the House Radish needed locally.  Free Root stock of Horse radish and tuber Artichokes will be availible at our next visit to Granville Public Market in Vancouver, BC.  We post a blog  every Wed under the Granville island title, if we will or will not be there on the following Thursday.
     Enjoy the snow, horse radish can handle cold winters and grows almost wild in parts of Manitoba.  That is where our root stock has been brought from, iit is hardy and will handle any climate or political changes we might have to deal with.  
     This has been a public funded message from our Minister of Agriculture and Food Banks distributing excess to those who only have indigestible  money.
     Horse Radish root on Ice
    Tuber artichoke ready to dig and eat. 
    Russian purple kale, in Snow still growing.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Promises or Corruption?

     The Elected Gas Pushing Corporate PR Premier of BC Has been threatening to force 100,000 slaves to work on rip, frack, dam, tear and export, what is left of BC Resources.  To make everybody rich of course. Funny how these politicians keep telling us that these resources belong to all people and then give the corporations millions of dollars to help the rip off.  We have to build the highways and Dams, provide the services, give billions to help Corporations set up infrastructure, subsidize energy, minimize taxes and when the resource is depleted,the mess made, they go else where to the next great project they are doing to help a new bunch of slaves.
     The Garden Party is calling for all out Evolution, Starting tomorrow Feb 21st, World Do Nothing Day.  Pressure Relief Day.  This has been a message from our Minister of the Environment who is still underground in Quebec, who, we expect will release some startling new scientific evidence on fracking and underground water.  

Granville Thursday

   Nettles only for orders this week, frost last week knocked them back. Will have dried pine, lobster and red cap boletus mushrooms. 
     Public market 9 am to  7 pm.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

To Protesters of Ukraine

     It is with regret for loss of Life in trying to gain some power back to direct Your Homeland, that this message is sent to you. by Pass It on Mail, from The Garden Party Self Government of BC, Canada.
     Prepare to take over your governance, councils, in every area, first priorities everybody fed, everybody warm, everybody's teeth fixed.  Put a hold on all debt claims. The main necessary work, the workers know what to do, make sure they are able to do their jobs, and give them trainees to help them.  You are going to need to inspire many of your people, because, the obstacles that will placed in your way will be many, and you will be the focus of blame.  If the People of Ukraine are ready, you could become the first place to achieve government from the ground up, instead of the top down.  Organize Councils or contacts from grassroots of all areas of Uk. From these councils you construct and direct your government.  In respect of Dead and hurt Police and Protesters, we wish you success.   
    The 21st of February is World do Nothing Day.  Message from Busybodies Diplomatic Core, Canada, an inclusive club working on Gardens Everywhere.