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Friday, January 17, 2014

World Grass Roots Evolution

       That is what is happening around the world in the refugee camps, in the war zones, in all forms of communication, at lots of food banks, and on the street.  There are experts in their fields stepping forward with warnings and answers.  The whole food industry from production to compost is changing, every year more people fall in love with their garden.
      Every 'money',  can be corrupted , any form of  creating a imaginary value, as a real value,  which it is not, will fail.  It is a agreed upon value as real, but it is nothing, except, to get something real from someone they want imaginary value in return.  This requires getting, stealing, making wars for, destroying our forests, dumping chemicals in our rivers, killing the ocean, all destroying real value, to make imaginary value, money.  Leaving a wake of disaster,  a real negative value behind. 
     Now what are we doing about it?  For one thing,  we care not if we are being spied on.  We encourage it, it is about what we are saying and doing and hope they share it with all their spy friends around the world.  We are gaining more control of our lives and activating our ideas.  Sometimes you have to get out of the box, to see the simple thing you missed. Don't worry about the 'truth', the lie is the problem.
      trap for smart rats

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