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Friday, January 17, 2014

We can, but will we?

     At this time, we have the know how, we have the technology, we have the tools, resources, and the energy to collectively change and rearrange the world.  We have never had a better opportunity than now.  At the same time there is no guarantee we will have a working Internet tomorrow or access to energy or even food . Good to keep in mind. There is always a looming threat of a fiscal economic crash on individuals and nations.
     People working together, having control of their food supply, distribution of goods, and energy resources,  is just a smart way to go.  At present, that is not the case anywhere in Canada.  Nor is private property safe.  Pay your rent and taxes, or hit the road Jack.  The only freedom left, no permit needed, yet.  
     The Garden Party is about changing the world, living in a sustainable manner, being in control of our food supply, and distribution, and ability to provide the energy supply needed.   This is a way of the future, a goal.  Land without debt and taxes.  And Self Government.
      We claim entitlement to our selves, a equality of every person, "to the equal share of all the blessings the Creator has given us" Quote Rita Blind, First Nations Elder, at Vision Quest gathering in Vancouver.  Equal say, equal power, equal access to have a good life.  
   Local Food Supply is our first priority, starting with ourselves, doing what we can on land which we have access.   When we are able to, we are supporting a whole range of projects, some that others have started.   We are ourselves, applying our concepts, making them real, and there are a lot of real things that need doing, and unreal things to stop doing.
   JAN 21st,  World Do Nothing Day.  Enjoy.

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